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When ordering products, please enter your telephone number in the comments section of  Pay Pal so that I can call or text you for delivery time and date. 

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Delivery Fee: Delivery is calculated from Ferris to Actual address. Add $1.50 per loaded mile outside the 30 - mile radius.

Misc. button $1.00

Black Dirt (3.5 Yards)  Total $115 (includes tax) Could have clumps from marble to basketball size

Select Fill (3.5 Yards) $115 (includes tax) 70% Sand, 25% Clay, 5% Gravel  

Topsoil - (3.5 yards) $140 (This price includes tax)

Sandy Loam - 3.5 Yards $140 (This price includes tax) Sand based product, may have some dirt and a touch of pea gravel for filtering.

Cushion Sand (3.5 Yards) $130 (This price includes tax)

Concrete Sand (3.5 Tons) $200 (This price includes tax)

Masonry Sand (3.5 Tons) $200 (This price includes tax)

3/8" Pea Gravel (washed) 3.5 Tons $180 (This price includes tax)

Road base - (3.5 Tons) $155 (This price includes tax) Crushed concrete 1 1/2" mixed all the way down to powder. Works great for driveway's

1 1/2" to 4" Mixed Crushed Concrete (3.5 Tons) $160 (This price includes tax) This material is suggested for poor soil conditions, temporary construction exits and entrances.

Plaster Sand (3.5 Tons) $195 (This price includes tax)

Pea-Mix (3.5 Tons) $195 (This price includes tax)